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With over thirty years of experience, we built a reputation as a leading firm for landlord-tenant matters in San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area.  Our goal is to help you safeguard your tenant rights and ensure your interests are aggressively and fairly represented.  Before the courts or before the rent board, whether you want to sue your landlord or your landlord is suing you or you are being harassed or need repairs or are worried about your tenancy, we can help. 

In addition to our commitment to tenant law, we have a long commitment to consumers and extensive civil litigation experience. We can ably assist you in other practice areas including personal injury, consumer bankruptcy, wills and trusts and real estate and family law.  Call for a consultation if you seek assistance in one of the areas below.  


At the Law Offices of Nancy M. Conway, you will receive representation by a partner with over thirty years of litigation experience representing tenants and providing legal services on civil legal matters. 


We do not represent landlords seeking to bring actions against their tenants.

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If you experienced unsafe or unhealthy conditions, harassment, housing discrimination, or were injured at a rental property, we can represent you in a suit against your landlord for monetary damages. For example in Oakland, we succeeded in obtaining a million dollar settlement for a mother and her child who were exposed to carbon monoxide in their rented home. 


If you are being evicted, harassed or your landlord wants you to vacate we can advise you.  We handle eviction defense and sue landlords for wrongful eviction and tenant harassment. 

We successfully fight for Bay Area tenants in landlord-tenant lawsuits and vigorously represent clients regarding tenants' rights and secured significant monetary awards and settlements,  We also have experience representing clients in unlawful detainer litigation.

If you have experienced unsafe or unhealthy conditions, harassment, housing discrimination, or sustained injuries on or within your rental property, we will represent you in a suit against your landlord.  We will respond to eviction notices and landlord harassment, as well as review and negotiate voluntary tenant vacate and buyout agreements.

Sometimes, a short consultation can result in tremendous economic value and in providing guidance and advice that alone secures your rented home. 


If you were injured as a result of someone else's mistakes, you are entitled to complete recovery, and we will work to earn just that for you.  We will obtain expert testimony to support your case if necessary, and work closely with you to ensure that you are justly compensated for your injuries.


Consult with us to figure out what your best bankruptcy option is.  We offer two filing options: 1) Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which allows you to discharge most debts within a three-to-four month period, and 2) Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which entails a court-approved payment plan over three to five years for qualified candidates.


We can review, revise, and draft living wills and simple trusts for you, as well as advise you on their content and revision.


We have provided legal services to both residential and commercial property owners.  No business is too small for our firm; whether you own a local laundromat or grocery store, we can assist you in contractual disputes regarding your real estate.


We represent men and women in divorces, property division, child custody, visitation and support issues. 

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