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"Helping Tenants out During Challenging Times"

San Francisco Bay Times, September 5, 2013


The Bay Area housing crisis, its effect on renters, and her dedication to helping tenants preserve their rights through it all.


"Security Deposit Know-How Can Save You Money and HeadachesSan Francisco Bay Times, October 3, 2013


Security deposits and your rights.


"Get Ready to Rumble

San Francisco Bay Times, October 31, 2013


How to stay in your rental unit and fight back when your landlord is trying to push you out. 

"Entry and Privacy RightsSan Francisco Bay Times, December 18, 2013


Know your rights around privacy in your rental unit.

"Tenants in Affordable SF Housing Are Under FireSan Francisco Bay Times, January 23, 2014


Why its important to be vigilant and be prepared against hostile landlords in this skyrocketing rental market.


"SF landlord Anna Kihagi faces new court action by city attorney" San Francisco Chronicle, December 3, 2015


​"Attorney Nancy Conway, who has been working with a family that has lived on Filbert Street for more than 40 years and recently won an eviction case against Kihagi, said the landlord’s willingness to “color outside the lines” gives her a competitive advantage in an overheated marketplace where dozens of investors compete for every multiunit property."

"Home Invader: The Life and Crimes of San Francisco's Cruelest Landlord" San Francisco Magazine, ​October 24, 2017

​"At this point, you’re probably wondering how in the hell all this could happen, and keep happening, without anyone going to jail. The answer is simple: The legal consequences of actions like those detailed in Bradstreet’s ruling are minimal. Fraudulent evictions are only a misdemeanor. Misdemeanors do carry a potential prison term of a year, but landlords like Kihagi rarely serve time. Veteran attorney Nancy Conway, who is representing several of Kihagi’s tenants, notes that any landlord convicted of violating the city’s Rent Ordinance can face criminal penalties. But the last landlord she can recall going to jail in such a case is George Hoffberg, who in 1999 was sentenced to 30 days for a series of eviction schemes."

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